Interview: Eqo

Interview: Eqo – Album release with Alchemy and The Strays of York at Smith’s Olde Bar, March 27th

EqoEqo is a band I’ve just recently started listening to and I wanted to know more about them. With tons of press outside of the local scene they are the perfect example of a band gaining exposure and are on their way to doing great things in Atlanta and beyond. Daisy Bellis, frontman of Eqo, answered a few questions about creating positive music, Eqo’s new album Ananta and what they think of the Atlanta music scene.  Listen to their album below also!! Be prepared for an awesome night at Smith’s Olde Bar because all three bands are incredible.

Tell me more about Eqo? 

The current lineup is Kity Faya, Daisy Bellis, Kai Vaughn on guitar, Yosh on bass, and Jet on drums. Kity, Kai, and myself are the founding members and we formed in 2013. Yosh came around in the middle of 2014 and Jet is the newest member who came in January of this year.

We’re a new age progressive rock band. Most of our lyrics are influenced by new age concepts: collective consciousness, the emphasis of love over fear, flow, etc. Our sound is primarily progressive rock with elements of alternative, jazz, funk, and pop.

This Friday is the release show for your new album Ananta, tell me more about the album. What was the recording process like?

Yes! We’re very excited about the album release show! We finished recording the album in early 2014, but decided to wait to release it. We wrote every song on ANANTA on an acoustic guitar in an empty living room with the help of Angry Orchard and other substances. It was effortless. I think we were all in very similar places spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Eqo was pretty much all we had, so we just kept writing. Before we knew it, we had 9 songs written.

The recording process was great. Jason Andrews (Spotlight Sound Studio) is an amazing engineer to work with. He really tapped into our creative process and was able to push us to our highest potential, even when we didn’t feel we could make it. He believed in us, knew what we were going for while respecting our artistic freedom. We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

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Interview: Amos Rifkin, A. Rippin Production

Interview: Amos Rifkin of A. Rippin Production

A Rippin ProductionThis is the start of a new series interviewing the people who promote and book shows in this great city of Atlanta. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to have consistent successful shows and A. Rippin Production has been bringing some of the best metal and punk bands to many of my favorite venues. Amos Rifkin, the man behind A. Rippin Production, talks about his company, what got him into promoting/talent buying, and how being a musician has only helped the success of these shows. Also, he confirms the return of Death Fest on May 19th, mark your calendars!

For a complete listing of upcoming shows, visit the A. Rippin Production site HERE

What made you get into booking and promoting shows? Being in a band it must come with the territory.

Surprisingly, I’d never had any designs on this kind of work outside of furthering my own bands. For the most part, my work life and life in music rarely crossed paths. Last March, department-wide layoffs were announced at the print wholesaler where I’d been working as a book buyer for the previous 5 years. My friend Liz Sowell suggested that I interview to succeed her as local promoter at the Masquerade, and it sounded more appealing the more I thought about it. I already had pretty decent knowledge of certain parts of the Atlanta music scene, as well as contacts in venues and bands all over the city. After a lengthy interview process, the Masquerade ultimately went with a different candidate, so I decided to turn the disappointment into something positive, and started doing booking and promoting on my own.koskee

There have been a ton of A. Rippin Production shows the past few months and every one that I have been to has been packed out and a good time. How do you get so many people out to the shows? Is there a formula or does it come down to good ol’ fashion flyering or social media?

Making sure every event is well attended is easily the most challenging part of this job. I definitely spend a lot of time physically putting up flyers around town, and 90% of the time I’ve designed the posters myself, using the full extent of my rudimentary Photoshop knowledge. My friend Lauryn Christy, former promotions director for WRAS, recently came on board as the Booking and Promotions Assistant, and she has helped IMMENSELY as far as maintaining a strong online and social media presence. We had been friends for several years but oddly enough only realized at the beginning of the year that she’d also been interviewing for the Masquerade local promoter position, so it’s seemed like a natural move to work together. In 2014 I averaged about 6 shows a month, but our average number of monthly shows has already doubled to 12 in 2015, so her help has desperately been needed recently, allowing me more time to focus on booking.

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Interview: Dendera Bloodbath

Interview: Dendera Bloodbath playing Lady Fest Atlanta – March 20thLadyfest Atlanta

Virginia isn’t a stranger to the stage. She played in a rock band Verge of Bliss for years before developing her solo project known as Dendera Bloodbath.  Next weekend she will be playing at the Mammal Gallery as a part of Ladyfest Atlanta.  Ladyfest is a three day event and completely FREE however they will be taking donations throughout the weekend to benefit the Solutions Not Punishments Coalition at the Racial Justice Action Center. This festival not only features local music but also art galleries, workshops, panels, comedians and a lot more!! Check out the full schedule HERE.

Virginia was kind enough to talk to me about Ladyfest, the Dendera Bloodbath album release, and her take on the Atlanta Music Scene. Enjoy and see you at the fest!!

How did you get involved with Ladyfest Atlanta and how excited are you to be playing such a great event!?
I met Chelsea Dunn through a mutual musician friend and found out that she was planning a Ladyfest event here in Atlanta. She was previously involved with Ladyfest in New Hampshire so I had confidence it would be an awesome event.

Are there any other artists or features at Ladyfest Atlanta that are not to be missed?
Yes!!! I’ve been playing a lot of shows lately with my friend Mariah Johnson who fronts Woven In and she plays like she’s on fire. Friday night after bands play female comedians will be featured, so I’m looking forward to that as well. There will be some yoga and zine workshops, a tea party, and some different panels on feminist issues where you can network with other women about their experiences. Visual and performance artists also get a spotlight at this show. I’m also really looking forward to Marlee Mincher’s “It’s perfectly OK to want to kill someone”. I’m not sure what that entails yet!

Tell me about Dendera Bloodbath and how was it transitioning from playing in a rock band to this solo endeavor?
Toward the end of Verge of Bliss live shows we briefly experimented with using a laptop instead of a drummer. Trey programmed beats and sounds in Logic, and we had a 5 piece Chauvet lighting rig that we were schlepping around that synched with our cues. What I’m doing now is actually a big step back from that complexity-wise. Now my biggest challenge is being able to communicate with the sound tech about the two DI lines I run from my sequencer and synth.
As far as creatively, this project stemmed from the Salome concept album. Trey wasn’t interested in performing the material with Verge of Bliss so I started playing out on my own doing those songs. Back in 2011, when he and I split up and I moved out, I made [wr wr wr] to cope with all the alienating feelings I had.Dendera Bloodbath

You have an album release coming up, can you tell me a little bit more about that?
I’m very happy with this album, which is called Queen of the Cauldron Born and will be available on cassette at the Ladyfest show. Everything on that album is my blood, sweat, and tears. While it’s definitely not polished or auto-tuned it fully represents me and who I am.


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Vinyl Spotlight: Dropout – Turn Away from the Light

New series!!

Vinyl Spotlight: Dropout – Turn Away from the Light

DSC05142Since I’m obsessed with my record collection I thought it would be fun to showcase one local record release every month or so.  First up is the debut LP release from local hardcore punk band Dropout.  Turn Away from the Light was released in 2014 but the records were available in January. Dropout is one of the most insane and entertaining bands to see live and the production on the record really bottles up that energy.  Now let’s talk about the packaging.  Everything from the sleeve to the poster are incredible.  It helps that Dropout’s vocalist Stenvik Mostrom is an accomplished artist and he designed all of it.  The poster included needs to be on my wall and not hidden for no one to admire.  The record itself is on blood red clear vinyl.  Take a look and the album is at the bottom for your listening pleasure!!

Dropout’s Turn Away from the Light – Album released in June 2014. Vinyl released in January 2015.
Go see them on March 13th at the Basement with Abacus, Christworm, and Get Damned.

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Featured Show – Big Medicine Festival – March 7, 2015

Featured Show – Brother Hawk’s Big Medicine Festival – March 7th

This week’s featured show is a good one!  The second annual Big Medicine Festival hosted and headlined by Atlanta’s own Brother Hawk is back at the Basement in east Atlanta this Saturday. The other bands that are playing this year include Stonerider, Big Jesus, Tedo Stone, Trae Vedder of Death on Two Wheels, Radio Birds, Bear Fight, Madre Padre, and Moonbase. The music ranges from blues to 60’s/70’s influenced rock to heavier rock. Usually you would see Brother Hawk headline a show, pack the venue out, and play an unforgettable set. Easily Big Jesus or Stonerider or Radio Birds are capable of the exact same thing so seeing all of these bands in one night is a huge treat. Local vendors will be set up with a lot of fantastic goods including Oakleaf & Acorn, Warhorse Workshop, Crooked Creek.  Get to the Basement early and stay late to make sure you see all of the incredible bands.  I highly advise buying your ticket in advance, which you can do so right HERE.

Big Medicine Fest: Brother Hawk & Company – 5:00 PM – The Basement EAV

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What’s been happening in 2015?

2015 has already been incredible for me and for local music of course. I thought I would fill you in since I’m starting this blog back up in March.


Torche – Masquerade – Jan. 2, 2015

Live Music
I started off the year seeing Torche play at Center Stage. They are currently on tour promoting their new insanely good album Restarter which was just released late February.  One of my favorite bands from Texas, Boyfrndz played at 529 and I loved every minute of it.  I saw locals Hello Cobra play a couple of times and they are always great.  I saw Blood on the Harp a couple of times as well. They are with out a doubt one of my favorite local bluegrass bands and I know they will be doing great things this year.  Whores played an incredible show at the Earl earlier this month.  I’ll be updating the Atlanta Music Calendar soon so you can keep track of who is playing around town and which shows I’ll be at!

The bands/musicians I have seen this year: Koskee, Torche, Lionize, Caleb Warren and the Perfect Gentlemen, Blood on the Harp, Rye Baby, Gunpowder Gray, Deku, Dark Room, Phossy Jaw, Michael Tolcher, Copious Jones, Kayo Dot, Hello Cobra, Universe Divide, Zruda, Ben Howard, Hiss Golden Messenger, Karma to Burn, Nones, Motherfucker, Yamin Semali, DT, Dropout, Get Damned, Waste Layer, Jonny Craig, Kyle Lucas, Maggie Schneider, Dams, Hank & Cupcakes, Little Tybee, Stonerider, Skybison, Boyfrndz, Caddywhompus, Whores, Lazer/Wulf, Mtn Isl, Retox, Cinemechanica, Big Jesus, The Powder Room.  23 shows – 43 bands – YUP!

New Music
Royal Thunder announced the release of their sophomore album Crooked Doors through Relapse Records.  Dropout finally released their 2014 debut album Turn Away from the Light on vinyl which I’ll be featuring on my site this month. Book Club released their sophomore album One-Way Moon which I’ll also be featuring in my vinyl spotlight series.  Strange Planet released a new album in February called Life in Parallel.  Minor Miracles released their second EP called Völksen and I love it! Völksen didn’t get a vinyl release but the CD hand made packaging is nothing short of amazing.  I know there was more released the past couple of months but I just can not think right now. I’m excited to hear what other albums are released this year!

Now that we are all caught up what other shows should I go to? What else should I be listening to?  Let’s go to a show!

Boyfrndz - 529 - Feb. 12, 2015

Boyfrndz – 529 – Feb. 12, 2015


Whores – The Earl – Feb. 17, 2015

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A few words.


I think it is so important to support local/regional bands because the local music community is the main factor in getting a band more recognition and really just showing them that their efforts aren’t going unnoticed.  The Atlanta music scene is missing voices that can help get artists more exposure.
Supporting music is my passion. I pay attention. I listen when I go to shows. I am not an expert or a professional musician.  I do however love live music and listening to music in any capacity. I hope by getting back into writing on Promising Chord I can bring good music to your ears. Maybe you will hear something you like or have never heard before.  Keep in mind that I listen to a lot of different types of music.  From metal to folk music.  I will mainly be showcasing local/regional bands with the occasional feature on a national band.  Because we all know I have a lot of love to give.  I will not only be featuring bands but all aspects of the business that make up this music scene.  From promoters to venue owners to bands that have come and gone but still left their mark on the scene.  I want to start more conversations.  The music scene only thrives when people are actively supporting and helping each other grow.  Let’s go to a show!

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Featured Shows: April 28-May 03, 2014

Featured Shows

I didn’t have too much time to update my show calendar last week so this isn’t a complete list but it will do for now.  I am most excited about seeing the lovely and talented Jessica Lea Mayfield on Saturday but there are great shows happening all week long.  Let’s go to a show!

Ron Mexico

04.28 – Sons of Tonatiuh, Lions of Tsavo, Get Damned, Lost Hours – 529 – More Info
04.28 – White Hills, Irreversible, Hot Fudge – The Earl – More Info

04.30 – Aqua Nebula Oscillator, Hot Victory, Abby GoGo – 529 – More Info
04.30 – The Men, Nude Beach, Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires, Shaved Christ – The Earl – More Info

05.01 – Ron Mexico, Palaces, Holy Quit, Halfgod – 529 – More Info
05.01 – DIP, Fine Peduncle, Bees and Enormous Tigers, DAMS -The Clermont Lounge – More Info

05.02 – Lazer/Wulf , Iron Whip, Waking The Bates, Loraine – Star Bar – More Info

05.03 – Hermits of Suburbia, Waking The Bates, Crazy Bag Lady, Phossy Jaw – Drunken Unicorn – More Info
05.03 – Jessica Lea Mayfield, Dylan Leblanc – The Earl – More Info

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Week in Review: Angel Olsen, Today the Moon Tomorrow the Sun, Tikka, and more.

Week In Review: April 22-27, 2014


Angel Olsen – The Earl – April 24

It’s about time that the Week in Review posts emerged again.  2014 has been a great year in music and it can only get better.  Last week started out with a free show at 529 and the Great American Noise Jihad.  They brought an impressive crowd and got everyone super hyped.  I had never heard of them until that day and I was very impressed with their live show.  They reminded me a lot of another great Atlanta band Winston Audio that parted ways several years ago.  I sure do miss them.

Tuesday I went to the Earl for the always great Weedeater and local openers Dropout.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Dropout gets better every time I see them and I am so excited that they have finished recording their new album which should be released later on this year.

As if I don’t go the Earl enough I went back on Thursday for Angel Olsen.  Angel Olsen and her band were incredible.  She had everyone in the room mesmerized by her soft vocals and relaxed presence.

Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun - Terminal West - April 25

Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun – Terminal West – April 25

By Friday it was back to supporting local music by being at Terminal West for a Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun Quads album release show.  Other local favorites Fox Grin and Small Reactions opened up the show.  The room was packed and it was so nice to see everyone there supporting and enjoying the music.  Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun gave the crowd an exceptional performance that was really their best and most cohesive to date.  I am so happy for TTMTTS and I know 2014 will be a great year for them.  I dropped by 529 after to catch another great Atlanta band Radio Birds playing to a packed room.

Saturday was a more chill day but I did manage to see a few bands on the ATL punk fest known as the Mess-Around roster at 529.  The Coathangers were headlining but I was there for Dinos Boys, Shantih Shantih, and Brain F≠.

Last but not least I was at Smith’s Olde Bar on Sunday for the third installment of Promising Chord presents and it was SO much fun.  I am so thankful for anyone who supports local music and it was so great to see so many people there for the show.  All four of the acts were incredible from Sydney Eloise serenading the crowd to Dark Room’s mellow electronic sounds.  Tikka put everyone in a psychedelic trance and the night ended with a fun, high energy set from Lightnin’ Ray & the Mystics.  I loved everything about it and I hope that I get the opportunity to present more great local lineups!

Me being super happy about the turn out at Smith’s yesterday.

Complete List of who I saw last week:
Great American Noise Jihad, Exwhy, Weedeater, Dropout, Wolves and Jackals, Angel Olsen, Promised Land Sound, Ruination, Bird City Revolutionaries, Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun, Small Reactions, Fox Grin, Radio Birds, Dinos Boys, Brain F≠, Shantih Shantih, Lightnin Ray & the Mystics, Tikka, Dark Room, Sydney Eloise

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Featured Shows – April 14-20, 2014

Featured Shows

Shows are sparse this week but it still is the most wonderful time of the year because of Record Store Day on Saturday!!! Not only are there great local bands playing all day at Atlanta’s best record store, Criminal Records, but Gunpowder Gray and Muuy Bien are throwing a special dual album release show down the street at Star Bar.  This week is going to rule.  Let’s go to a show!

GunpowderGray04.14 – Nile, Disfigurement, VadimVon – Masquerade – More Info
04.14 – The Sounds, Blondfire, Ghost Beach – Terminal West – More Info
04.14 – Pet Cobra, Bodyfather, The Hotels – 529 – FREE – More info

04.17 – Reverends, Weary Heads, MammaBear, Fox Grin – Star Bar – More Info
04.17 – Sealions, Ne-hi, 100 Watt Horse – 529 – More info
04.17 – Wild Child, Them Wagoneers, The Good Graces – The Vinyl – More Info

04.19 - RECORD STORE DAY (See Schedule below)
04.19 – Gunpowder Gray, Muuy Biien,  Odonis Odonis, The Selfish Lovers – Star Bar – More Info
04.19 – Cloud Nothings, Ryley Walker – The Masquerade – More Info
04.19 – Bear Girl, Cinema Novo, Capital Arms – The Masquerade – More Info
04.19 – The Love Language, Antique Firearms, Casper & the Cookies – 529 – More Info

04.20 – Midnight, Shitfucker, Mangled – The Earl – More Info


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